What we offer

Research training and career development

IMIBIC-P2Med offers individual research training and career development fellowships for experienced researchers. The programme focuses on Personalised and Precision Medicine and covers the five Scientific Programmes of IMIBIC. Nonetheless, the individual research projects to be carried out during the fellowship are chosen freely by the applicants in a fully bottom-up manner.

All Fellows will develop a Career Development Plan together with their supervisor. In addition to research objectives, this plan comprises the researcher’s training and career needs, including training on transferable skills, teaching, planning for publications and participation in conferences.

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Optional research stays

IMIBIC-P2Med offers the possibility for the Fellows to plan research stays in its Partner Organisations. The research stays are complementary to the research training activities and should be relevant, feasible and beneficial for the researchers and in line with the project objectives.

Employment contract

The selected Fellows are nominated Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellows, and will be contracted by  for the entire duration of the project.

The annual Gross Salary is 38.930 € for researchers eligible for family allowance, and 34.850 € for researchers not eligible for family allowance.

In addition, each Fellow will have 6.360 € per year to cover research, training and travel costs.

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Training in transferrable skills

The Fellows will receive training in transferrable skills that will greatly improve their future career prospects as experts in personalised and precision medicine. Special emphasis is put on transversal skills identified as of special interest in relation to personalised medicine, like patient engagement, data privacy issues, or ethics and gender issues in biomedical research. The Fellows will acquire transferrable skills by means of specific training sessions and by their daily work.

Networking & Public engagement activities

IMIBIC-P2Med offers a substantial network and opportunities for collaboration at national and international level, including participation in ongoing EU projects, involvement in activities organised by the different platforms, networks and infrastructures in which IMIBIC or the host group is member, and participation in EU, national, and regional networking and partnering events especially with biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry.

IMIBIC actively organises public engagement activities, and encourages the Fellows to develop new and innovative ways of reaching the non-scientific audience. The Fellows will actively take part in open Lab days, European Researchers’ Night, activities with the healthcare professionals, and decision making bodies, among others.

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