Employment conditions

Employment contract

The selected Fellows are nominated Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellows. The Fellows will be hired through an employment contract with full Social Security coverage, including full health insurance and unemployment benefits. The length of the contractual relationship with IMIBIC will be for the total duration of the proposed project. The employment contracts will have a duration of one year and will be renewed yearly.


The annual Gross Salary before tax for researchers without family allowance is 34.850 €.

The annual Gross Salary before tax for researchers with family allowance is 38.930 €*.

An additional 6.360 € per year will be available for research costs of each Fellow.

*The family status of the researcher will be determined at the date of deadline of the call (i.e.
10 January 2020) and will not be revised during the fellowship.

Working hours and leaves

The Fellows will enjoy the same standards and working conditions as those applicable to any other researchers holding a similar position at IMIBIC. This includes 40h/week of work, 26 days of paid holidays per year, and bank holidays as per the regional calendar.

In addition, the fellows have the right to take additional leaves e.g. in case of maternity/paternity, moving house, marriage, prenatal examinations or classes, or due to illness, hospitalization or death of family members.

Other benefits

Conciliation of family and work-life at IMIBIC

IMIBIC offers flexible working hours for its employees with any kind of family responsibilities (care for children and/or elder relatives). There is a brand new nursery (for children between 0-3 years old) at the Reina Sofia University Hospital offering preferential access and reduced prices for IMIBIC’s staff.

Employees incurring nursery expenses may apply a tax rebate for the total annual cost of the childcare services.

Language courses and Sports

All IMIBIC researchers have access with reduced prices to language courses and sports facilities offered by the University of Cordoba.

For more information, please visit UCOidiomas and UCOdeporte.