Evaluation criteria

Only eligible applications will be evaluated.

The evaluation criteria for the evaluation of the CV and Project Proposal is:

CRITERIA 1: Excellence of the candidate’s CV. 0-40
1.1 Scientific production: Number and relevance of peer reviewed publications (authorship, citations, impact factor, quartiles), other publications (book chapters, clinical guidelines, reports), patents, hard/software development 0-20
1.2 Research experience: Participation in international conferences (poster and oral presentations), participation in collaborative projects, international and inter-sectoral mobility, experience in management of research or innovation 0-10
1.3 Personal grants and fellowships (both requested and granted), awards and honours, and other professional activities (reviewer, chair, memberships, etc.) 0-5
1.4 Teaching and supervision activities 0-3
1.5 Participation in public awareness or other scientific communication activities 0-2
CRITERIA 2: Excellence of the Project proposal 0-60
2.1 Quality, feasibility and innovative aspects of the proposed research project. If applicable, competences and infrastructure of the research stay host organisation 0-30
2.2 Impact on enhancing the potential and future career prospects of the researcher and capacity of the researcher to reach a position of professional maturity in research 0-6
2.3 Coherence and effectiveness of the work plan, including plan for Open Access to scientific publications and research data 0-15
2.4 Appropriateness of risk management 0-5
2.5 Ethics issues 0-2
2.6 Gender issues (research-related) 0-2

The maximum score is 100. A threshold of 60 will be applied in this phase. The priority in ex aequo is defined by the score of Criteria 2 (Excellence of the project proposal). Up to 18 best ranked applicants above the threshold will pass to the Interview phase.

The evaluation criteria for the Personal Interview is:

CRITERIA 1: Scientific knowledge and skills in the area of interest, understanding of a field of study and mastery of research associated with that field 0-60
CRITERIA 2: Capacity of creative thinking, critical analysis, and synthesis of new and complex ideas 0-20
CRITERIA 3: Presentation and communication skills, ability to explain the expected outcome and value of their research to the research community and also to lay audience 0-20

The Score of the Evaluation of the CV and Project Proposal will weigh 70%, and the score of the Personal Interview will weight 30%, of the final score. The threshold for selection is 70 of the final score.

The following scoring scale will be used:

0 – Proposal fails to address the criterion or cannot be assessed due to missing or incomplete information.
20 – Poor. The criterion is inadequately addressed, or there are serious inherent weaknesses.
40 – Fair. Proposal broadly addresses the criterion, but there are significant weaknesses.
60 – Good. Proposal addresses the criterion well, but a number of shortcomings are present.
80 – Very Good. Proposal addresses the criterion very well, but a small number of shortcomings are present.
100 – Excellent. Proposal successfully addresses all relevant aspects of the criterion. Any shortcomings are minor.