Research facilities

The selected researchers will benefit from the IMIBIC’s research environment where the common goal is to improve the health of patients and the community, through excellence in science and innovation in biomedical research.

IMIBIC Building

Since 2015 IMIBIC operates in the brand new IMIBIC Building, which is strategically located within the University Health Sciences Campus and next to the Reina Sofia University Hospital. The 10.000m2 building has 5.500m2 of laboratory spaces for basic and translational research as well as dedicated facilities for clinical research and the Research Support Services.

Research Support Services

The Research Support Services comprise the IMIBIC’s shared scientific services, infrastructures and equipment that provide technical and methodological support and advice to the researchers of the Institute. The IMIBIC’s Research Support Services include:

The proposed projects must be feasible within the selected research group and IMIBIC infrastructure and facilities. Therefore, applicants are highly recommended to contact the different Research Support Services (if necessary) to ensure the equipment or other necessary resources they envisage to use in their project is available.

Detailed information about the different Research Support Services, and their contact details are listed here