Redress procedure

All applicants are entitled to request a redress procedure during the selection process.

You can file a formal request for redress via the Helpdesk (via email) if you believe that a mistake has been made during the selection process that may affect the outcome of the eligibility check or evaluation.

You must file the requests for redress within one week (5 working days) upon reception of the results of the eligibility check, the evaluation of the application or the interview. The redress procedure is not intended to object or to challenge the scientific or technical opinion of adequately qualified experts.

All requests for redress will be reviewed within 10 working days by a specific redress committee, appointed from IMIBIC’s staff with no connection to the IMIBIC-P2Med programme. This committee will examine the request and either dismiss it or recommend a re-evaluation of the parts of the application affected. The decision from the redress committee will be final.