Host groups

The applicants may freely choose a host group among the Consolidated (GC) and Emerging (GE) Research Groups of IMIBIC.

The proposed research projects must be feasible within the selected research group, its resources, and IMIBIC infrastructure and facilities. Therefore, applicants are highly recommended to contact the host group to discuss their project idea and ensure its feasibility.

For detailed information about the host groups follow the links to IMIBIC Website:

Consolidates Research Groups

GC01 – T and NK cell Immunosenescence Antiviral Immune Response
GC02 – Oxidative and Nitrosative stress in acute and chronic liver disease
GC03 – Infectious Diseases
GC04 – Inflammation and Cancer
GC05 – Systemic and chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases of the locomotor system and connective tissue
GC06 – New Therapies in Cancer
GC07 – Nephrology. Cell Damage in Chronic Inflammation
GC08 – Hormones and Cancer
GC09 – Nutrigenomics Metabolic Syndrome
GC10 – Hormonal Regulation of Energy Balance, Puberty and Reproduction
GC11 – Metabolism and Adipocyte Differentiation-Metabolic Syndrome
GC12 – Clinical and Epidemiological Research in Primary Care (GICEAP)
GC13 – Calcium metabolism. Vascular calcification
GC14 – Cellular Therapy
GC15 – Invasive cardiology and cell therapy
GC16 – Cellular biology in Hematology. Hypercoagulability
GC17 – Physiopathology of Endocrine Vitamin D System Biotechnology and Aging
GC18 – Translational Research in Surgery of Solid Organ Transplantation
GC19 – Artificial Vision Applications
GC20 – Genetics and behavioural diseases
GC21 – Metabolomics and identification of bioactive compounds
GC22 – Epigenetics
GC23 – Metabolism in childhood
GC24 – Clinical and Molecular Microbiology
GC25 – Knowledge Discovery and Intelligent Systems in Biomedicine
GC26 – Clinical virology and zoonosis
GC27 – OncObesity and Metabolism

Emerging Research Groups

GE01 – Oxidative Stress and Nutrition
GE02 – Preventive Medicine and Public Health
GE03 – Inflammatory immune-mediated cutaneous diseases
GE04 – Applied Psychology
GE05 – Urology and Sexual Medicine
GE06 – Pathophysiology of renal and vascular damage
GE07 – Visual Quality
GE08 – Comprehesive Nursing Care. Multidisciplinary Perspective

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