Alexander Batista-Duharte guest editor of a special issue of Vaccines

Alexander Batista-Duharte has been invited as a guest editor of a special issue of Vaccines (ISSN 2076-393X), an Open Access journal of MDPI.

The deadline for manuscript submissions is 31 March 2023.

Dear Colleagues,


Vaccine development has evolved from empirical trial-and-error strategies to rational design with the use of big data that reduce time and costs to obtain more effective and safer vaccines. The use of computational tools combined with in vitro methods of screening helps to identify vaccine candidates for further experimentation and anticipate the best immunogens that are likely to induce protective responses. To evaluate the vaccine responses in the discovery phase, systems vaccinology methods can be used to study the mechanism of action of vaccine formulations, in vitro as well as in both experimental animals and clinical studies.


Given the importance and topicality of systems vaccinology and big data in the vaccine development chain, this Special Issue aims to compile a group of works that show the application of bioinformatics and omics techniques at different levels, such as genes, proteins, cells, tissues, and organs, including their interaction with each other, at any stage of vaccine development. All research articles, methodologies, brief communications, reviews, and meta-analyses will be considered to address scientific questions related to these aspects.


We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Dr. Alexander Batista Duharte
Guest Editor