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The IMIBIC-P2Med Call for proposals received 27 applications by the deadline 10th Jan 2020.

Applicant profiles

44% of the applicants don’t have a PhD or are in their first 3 years of postdoctoral career stage, while 55% of the applicants have 4 or more years of postdoctoral experience. Applicants were of 16 different nationalities and are currently residing in 18 different countries worldwide. 52% of the applicants were male and 48% female.

Applications were distributed between the 5 Scientific Progammes of IMIBIC:

  • 3 applications – I Active aging and Frailty
  • 6 applications – II Nutrition and endocrine and metabolic diseases
  • 6 applications – III Infectious and immunological diseases and organ transplantation
  • 6 applications – IV Cancer (Oncology and Oncohematology)
  • 6 applications – V Chronic and Inflammatory Disease

21 applications were eligible and have been sent to external evaluation.

Read more about the evaluation process and timeline.