ENABLE Career development session with our Fellows

Join our Fellows Maribel Martínez, Almudena Pino, André M. Sarmento B. Cabral, and Marina Mora at the ENABLE satellite sessionTargeting translational biomedicine through interdisciplinary science” on 10th of May 2021.

Four IMIBIC-P2Med Fellows will summarise their personal experiences as examples of scientific biomedical careers. The session will be followed by a round table and an informal virtual coffee break.

About the Symposium

The 4th European PhD and Postdoc symposium “EXPLORING LIFE DYNAMICS: In and out of equilibrium” will be held online on 12-14th of May 2021.

ENABLE aims to involve young scientists in opening the academic world from within by promoting crosstalk between biomedical disciplines, collaboration with industry, and engagement with society. The symposia are organized by and for young researchers and are inspiring events not to be missed!

Read more on the ENABLE website or download the Poster.