Wrapping up 2021

The first IMIBIC-P2Med fellow joined IMIBIC in January 2021, and four more came on board throughout the year. While the first months were taken to adapt to the new workplace and prepare everything to get their research projects ongoing, the rest of the year was full of activities!

Some of the highlights of 2021 include:

  • Maribel Martínez, Almudena Pino, André M. Sarmento B. Cabral, and Marina Mora took part in the ENABLE Satellite event in May. Marina’s personal experiences are available in her blog entry.
  • In October, the fellows working with computational biomedicine, Almudena and Marina, joined their forces with the IMIBIC Bioinformatics Unit and organised a 3-day introductory course in R. The success was such, that the training will be repeated next year and training materials will be made publicly available.
  • The European Researchers’ Night (“La Noche Europea de L@s Investigador@es”) counted with the participation of Maribel, Almudena, André and Marina across several days of local activities organised in collaboration with the University of Cordoba.
  • Furthermore, André was invited to talk about his research in a radio show called “Researchers around the World”.
  • At the end of October, IMIBIC celebrated the 12th Young Investigators’ Meeting, where the fellows participated in coordination tasks & scientific committees, supporting the younger generations of researchers of IMIBIC. 89 abstracts were presented and over 200 young researchers took part in this 2-day event.
  • Finally, there wouldn’t have been a better way to close the year than at the IMIBIC Meeting for International Postdocs, in December, where the fellows and other IMIBIC researchers had a chance to network and learn about the research of the invited postdoctoral researchers working around the world. The event was organised in collaboration with the IMIBIC-P2Med programme and the IMIBIC Training Committee.

A great year behind, and a great year ahead. We are ready for 2022!